Info on Valpo

<p>Is Valpo considered a Christian College? I see they are affiliated with the Lutheran church but many colleges are. In this regard, is Valpo any different than other Lutheran colleges (such as extremely conservative/religious requirements/etc).</p>

My son is a soph at Valpo and loves it! Yes, Valpo is considered a Christian College. It used to be affliated with the Missouri-synod Lutheran but now considered "pan Lutheran" or all Lutheran. Having said that I believe only about 35% of the students are Lutheran. And I think about 30% are Catholic . It is not ultra conservative. They have a beautiful chapel on campus but attendance is purely voluntary. There is not religious study requirement.</p>

<p>Thanks ergcat! Would you say that politically the students span Republican to Democrat - all types? Also, do you know much about the engineering program there?</p>

<p>yes, I think there is the span of political views with maybe slight Republican edge. Hard to say in this election year though, lol! My son's roommate is in the engineering program and says it is very good. He is challenged. My son is a business major so I don't know much about the engineering.</p>

<p>I don't know how the landscape may have changed since I graduated some years ago, but Valpo had been affiliated with the Missouri Synod as previously mentioned. This branch of Lutheranism tends to be more conservative than the ELCA, but not quite as conservative as the Wisconsin Synod branch.</p>

<p>Honestly, there was nothing about my experience at Valpo that would have led to me to conclude the school was affiliated with Lutheranism. We had students with widely varying socio-political views, and there was certainly no requirement that students should be Lutheran. In fact, there were many decidedly non-Lutheran student groups. Worship services were held throughout the week at the very visible Chapel of the Resurrection, but attendance was not required. They tended to be a tad more eclectic than a typical Lutheran service, especially the mid-morning services.</p>

<p>Is Valpo a decent feeder to great grad schools? that is are it’s grads able to get into prestigious grad schools (Standford, Ivy’s, UChicago, Michigan etc)?</p>