Info request email

<p>I got an email today from the admissions office saying that I indicated on Part I that I had a sister who attended or is attending Georgetown, but that I didn’t provide any info about it on Part II. I emailed the woman back saying that I must have made a mistake filling out the app (I have a sister, but she’s the same age as me and has never gone to Georgetown). That wasn’t any big deal, but my question is: does this say anything about my admissions decision? The way I see it there are a few options:</p>

<li>It doesn’t matter at all (I think this one is the most likely)</li>
<li>My application is borderline in terms of admission/rejection, and whether or not I had a sister who studied/is studying at Georgetown would make a difference in my acceptance</li>
<li>My application is likely to be admitted, but they want to make sure everything is accurate/in order first (I think this one is the least likely)</li>

<p>I’m probably making a little thing into a bigger deal than it really is, but I’m eager/impatient/nervous/excited/etc. and am looking for any signs of admission/rejection.</p>

<p>sry to drop the ice but should be 1.?</p>

<p>i got an email saying i didn't provide a social security no. the email specifically said it does not signal admission decision.</p>

<p>But that email gave me a tiny light in the dark tunnel</p>

<p>At least it shows they're paying attention and not just skimming the apps. That's nice to know.</p>

<p>hdwang - i got the same burst my bubble though wen i read that it had nothing to do with admissions decision....</p>

<p>It means something, be an optimist</p>