Informal Interview Questions

<p>I'm meeting my alumni interviewer at a Starbucks. I should still wear the same clothes (button down shirt, tie, slacks) that I would to a regular interview conducted by an admissions officer right? Also, is it crucial that I have already submitted my app b4 the interview? Should I bring a resume? THx</p>

<p>1) Probably. If you're underdressed and the person thinks so, they'll be put off. If you get a casual alum who thinks you're clothes are more then necessary, it wouldn't have any bearing (unless you showed up in a tux or something waaay over.)</p>

<p>2) Shouldn't matter that your app was submitted first. They just want to have an additional side- although, it depends on whether the interview is "real" (they're hoping to analyze you) or "informational" (have the alum sell you on the school).</p>

<p>3) Resume? If you want. I wouldn't immediately bring it out, that might seem showy. It'd be good if you or the interviewer got stuck; it would be a point to start conversation if needed.</p>