Informal resolution for conduct

i am in my 3rd year of college and i got an informal resolution for conduct violation ( not academic). I might be placed on probation. If I accept the informal resolution, what is the impact on my financial aid, and will this also impact my records - will an informal resolution go on my record. I am out of state. Should I transfer schools? Any information will be appreciated.

Have you talked to assistant dean of students?
Have you seen page 12 about student rights and page 23 about non conduct resolution process?

I am guessing- I don’t think you’ll lose financial aid. Go talk to assistant dean with your questions. I don’t have enough info. Your college’s process is unique and I cannot say. Good luck!

Sorry, if you were to end up with one year suspension, I don’t know what would happen to your aid on return.

If I transfer to a different school u of Minnesota maybe, would the conduct violation show up on my record and would that also have an impact on my aid.

I heard they are lenient on the policies