Information about Horizon Research program

How do we apply need based financial aid for Horizon Academic Research program?

Hi Sriyash,

David from Horizon Academic here! Just wanted to let you know that we’ve received your financial aid application, but just in case anyone else is curious, here’s more information on that!

Horizon Academic offers need-based financial aid for some admitted students who are able to demonstrate financial hardship. Admission to the program and financial aid are two separate processes–you would first apply for the program (there is no application fee or upfront commitment). We do admissions on a completely need-blind basis, so your ability to pay has no bearing on whether you’re admitted to the program. We do have need-based financial aid for admitted candidates who express that the tuition fee would be financially impossible or burdensome for their families. The process is fairly simple: if you’re admitted to the program, you can request the financial aid application form. We’ll then provide this to you, and one of your parents/guardians would complete the form (we ask some specific questions about your family’s financial situation, so they should be the ones to submit). We determine which candidates are offered tuition fee waivers and how much of the fee can be waived on a case by case basis, and we consider the gross income of the family, the cost of living in your area, the number of dependents in the household, and your degree of preparedness for the program. In nearly all cases, families with a gross income above $100,000 are not eligible for financial aid.

The deadline for financial aid applications is 6 weeks before each semester starts. Decisions regarding aid are usually available 3 weeks prior to the start date, although we’re sometimes able to turn around decisions a bit faster.

Please also note that financial aid is offered for our group-based classes, but that financial aid for our one-on-one “Horizon Labs” courses is not available at this time.