Information about life at Mercer

Hi! I am a senior that is trying to get into Mercer University. I want to do pre-dentistry. I have heard great things about the academics at Mercer but I am trying to find more about student life at this school
I have watched some youtube videos from students that go to Mercer and they say that during the weekends, everyone is pretty much gone and there is not much to do and that Macon is a very sleepy town. I do not want to be bored out of my mind there so I was wondering if someone could tell me a little more about what students do for fun. I am hoping I got the wrong impression from the youtube videos.
Also, diversity is really important to me. So if anyone knows anything about diversity at Mercer that would be helpful as well

Regarding your question about diversity, look at the “Campus Life” tab, here, and check out the numbers under “Student Body”: Mercer University | Mercer | The College Board