Information about Northwestern's MT Certificate Program

Hi - I am a senior in high school applying to Northwestern (for Dec 1). I am trying to find out more about Northwestern’s certificate program. I now know about ‘how to get in’ but I’d like to know more about the opportunities/training offered once admitted. I’d just love to hear about that program in general! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

also, if I was admitted, I would be a VP major… if I applied for the MT certificate, would I still be a VP major, just with an MT certificate or would I become another major?? thank you!!

@vocalintesity98 - Our D graduated last year as a Communications/Theatre major and not VP, but it is my understanding that if you audition and enter as a VP you will retain that major but add the MT Certificate.

I can’t give a lot of details about curriculum choices since I’m not familiar with the VP program and D managed all of her own registration, but I can say based on results to-date that the MT Certificate seems to have prepared D very well to launch successfully into the professional performing world.

Hope others will chime in as well and best of luck with your upcoming application process!

When you’re admitted to the program, you basically just get access to a bunch of classes. You have a couple vocal seminars, music theory, tap, jazz, ballet, and I’m sure there’s a lot more that I’m forgetting. You also get two years of free vocal lessons

My daughter is interested in applying ED and hopes to audition for the MT certificate. She has a strong dance background. What are the dance classes like and can she take multiple classes each semester ?