Information and Chances for Texas Tech Honors College?

My application will be in by dec 1 if my recommenders get their letters in by then. Gpa is 3.48 uw/4.35w (very bed freshman year which was explained in essays, lowest semester after freshman year alone was a 4.4). 15 AP Classes including senior year (8). Sat is a 1310. AP Scholar with distinction. Anyways, feel free to be brutally honest.

@premed9956 I can’t give you a definite yes or no because you never know how they accept applications, but I will give you my daughter’s stats who was accepted into the Honors
GPA 4.0 UW/5.26 W
SAT: 1410
ACT: 33
2 AP classes (Several Pre-AP, she goes to a small school that only offers 2 AP courses English and Calculus)
2 Duel Credit Courses
NHS, SNHS, Interact, Band, Theatre, UIL State Qualifier (Science 2 years), some volunteer work
There may be more that I’m missing, but this was the meat of her application besides the essays.
Good luck and Wreck Em Tech

May I ask when you heard back? My daughter was admitted in October into TxTech then we applied by the Dec 1st for Honors College. Am wondering when she will hear back on that. We got an email that said by two weeks from the email but that seems fast. Although waiting is hard!

@hstrsphnt She applied for for Tech on July 3rd Accepted on August 25th, Applied for Honors on August 1st (Recommendations and other things didn’t get to Tech until August 6th) was accepted to Honors on September 11th. With all this said it did take more than 2 weeks for my daughter, but that is due to she applied really, really early. And if I recall they couldn’t make decisions until after a certain date. I would give it a little more than 2 weeks. Not sure but I believe they should notify your daughter either way or if she is put on the waiting list. And also with the Honors they don’t have as many applications to go through. So the process is a little quicker. Also, if she does get accepted in to Honors if she plans on going to Tech get your room deposit done. This also allows her to pick what room she wants.(if available) I hope this helps. And good luck! Wreck Em Guns Up.

A little more information my son, her brother is a Junior at Tech (Mass Comms major), he also is a student manager for the baseball team (Omaha was amazing during the College World Series) My wife and I love the campus and the University itself! Again good luck! Wreck Em

Hi:) if you know anything or have thoughts on TTU’s honors college please share and help me out here.
thank y’all!!