Information from accepted student visit 2014

<p>School Visits - CCM</p>

How many productions a year? 4 MT, 2 Opera, 2 showcases (Freshman and Senior)
Who can audition for what ? (Musicals, straight shows, operas). MT audition only for MT
Can Freshmen audition? Yes
Do undergrads compete with grad students for casting? No grads
Is there guaranteed casting?
Are they required to audition for shows? (some scholarship offers may require the student to audition for every show). Majors are required to audition

  • Regardless of Freshman performance opportunities, will there be plenty of opportunities to perform in the program? Are there student-directed shows? Yes
    For students not cast in the MainStage productions, what other performing opportunities exist during the year? (Cabarets, student-directed work, etc.)
    Ask about Senior Showcase, particularly if there is a selection process for seniors to be a part of that showcase. No selection. Many students immediately signed</p>

Ask about numbers of faculty as not all websites are up-to-date.
How are you keeping up with current MT trends? Is there ongoing training for teachers and opportunities for their growth? Sabaticals?
Not expecting any faculty changes in the near future.
Class size
How many students are in each theatre department class?</p>

What is a typical day like for an MTer?
Maybe also ask to see a sample schedule and/or curriculum guide.-
If you haven’t done it all ready, ask for the four-year curriculum plan so you can compare it to other schools’ plans. You might be surprised.</p>

How many hours of voice?1 hour lesson, 1 class vocal coaching per week
How are voice teachers assigned? In freshman year, all MT students placed with Doctoral students. In sophomore year, all taught by the same teacher. In junior and senior year, placed in voice studios.
Who is teaching voice lessons (I’ve heard some schools have under-grads doing it.)?</p>

<p>If piano is required, do they test for level as well</p>

Do the students dance daily, and for what duration?
How many hours of dance?
Do they level students for dance or are they required to start at a beginning level? The students are assessed in the first week, and assigned classes.
Can they take extra dance if they can fit it in?</p>

What kind of tech requirement is mandated - how many tech hours are required in order to graduate as an MT major?</p>

Do you teach the business aspect of this career?
How are seniors prepared for the transition to the real-world?
Are there internships?
Are there “business of the business” classes?
Business of the business is taught.As is how to live and survive in NYC</p>

<p>Master classes
What if any master classes does the program hold? Who has led master classes this year? Yes, Eric Sciotto was there the day we were
Are guests artists/directors/agents brought in for master classes? If so, how often? Yes</p>

<p>Study abroad
Is there a study abroad program </p>

What type of evaluations/assessments/juries are done on the students and how often?
Is there any cut program?No</p>

Are there additional expenses for MTs outside of tuition (required software, dance wear, accompanists, etc…).
Are there extra charges for mandatory voice lessons?
How is Showcase financed?</p>

<p>Academic support
How is the academic support, tutoring, etc. (for non-performing arts classes and even some acting and MT classes, whch can get academically tough like theater history, etc.) there is a student support system. They also have “learning communities” in Freshman year, which is a class each week to discuss and solve problems
Transfer credits? AP credits</p>

Is there a system that assigns a professor in the program as a mentor or advisor so they connect with an adult? Yes. A member of the faculty is an advisor for each year group.
Are there enough advisors so your D will feel there is a true interest in her well-being by a caring adult who understands the nuances of the program?

  • Is there a mentorship program for the upperclassmen to help acclimate the new students? Do the MTs feel they have been welcomed and helped by the older students?
    Do you support the students when auditioning for summer stock. Absolutely</p>

Is housing guaranteed all four years? No, only in freshman year
When dorms are closed for break and you have to be back early for production rehearsal how is housing handled? You can have all year round housing
Safety? Lots of Blue posts and campus security. Also a night ride/escort.</p>

<p>Is it largely a commuter campus? No
Do a great deal of students go home on the weekend? No
What kind of transportation is available to get to town/stores if they are not in walking distance? shuttle buses
What do the students do on the weekend?
Is the school social scene ruled by fraternities and sororities?
Is there time to participate in campus organizations and activities outside of MT?
what is campus ministry like?
Are there churches nearby or on campus?</p>

<p>Health and Fitness
Health Center…where is it, what are the hours, how often is there a doctor in the house? On campus. Also the campus is surrounded by hospitals!
If school is far from your home, does the faculty recommend health professionals in the area if your child has an illness (i.e., doctor who works with singers)? There is a doctor on campus who specializes in vocal health. There are physiotherapists for injuries</p>

<p>Fitness center hours…
Students are encouraged to join the fitness center and get a personal trainer.</p>

<p>I just want to specifically clarify one thing that you said, cause I know a lot of parents on here want to believe that CCM is a ‘get thin or get cut’ school. It’s not. Nobody is ever forced to ‘join the fitness center and get a personal trainer’. Sure students are encouraged, yes…but everyone should hit the gym at least once in a while! It’s good for ya! As Musical Theatre majors, we all know that, unfortunately, looks play a huge part in the business we want to break into. So naturally, we do care about the way we look and we do tend to our bodies. The Rec Center (gym) is free for any full time student of UC, which includes MTs. The only time you’d ever have to pay for it would be over the summer, but not many of the MTs stay during the summer. And I have not known anyone to be encouraged to get a personal trainer. People have made the decision themselves to do that, but between the MT students, we have enough ‘gym rats’ in the department to help each other out with how to build muscle, lean, firm, what have you. But there are people who don’t go to the gym very often and they are in NO way punished for that. </p>

<p>I just wanted to clarify that because I get sensitive when people say that CCM bullies students about their weight and I would hate if people inferred that because they thought the faculty forced kids to get personal trainers or something! I know that a few years ago there was some crazy absurd rumor going around this website that CCM sets goal weight and if you don’t maintain them, you are cut. There ARE schools that do that, however, CCM is not one of them. </p>