information on scholarships?

<p>Does anyone know when Geneseo sends out notification of scholarship awards? (did not fill out FASA - family won't qualify for financial aid) but was hoping I'd receive one of their scholarships</p>

<p>my dd received an application today, for the Honors Program and associated scholarship. She has to submit the essays etc by March 24th (ie, before she hears back from other schools)</p>

<p>Honors Program takes 20 kids per year (10 freshman and 10 sophmores).</p>

<p>Do you mind if I ask what your stats were, that obviously qualified you for (consideration) for the Honors Program and the scholarship associated with it.</p>


<p>my daughter's stats are:
800/Math II
780/US History</p>

<p>5 AP exams, with 5's on each
4.0 GPA; about 300 students, top 2-3% probably (school doesn't rank)</p>

<p>NCTE Writing Competition Award Winner
Published writer
great (if unconventional) essay
ie, great writer who wants to study physics
we're confident recommendations were favorable</p>

<p>EC = rowing & clarinet</p>

<p>I recieved the invitation to apply for the honors program as well. Do they send that to all accepted students or just selected ones?</p>

<p>i got invite to apply for honors.</p>

690/Critical Reading

<p>90 GPA
School doesn't rank</p>

<p>Ton of Ec's with leadersip roles/president in all</p>

<p>Also I'm internationally awarded artist with manya few exhibitions and many national awards under my belt</p>

<p>@reinventor-- i know some other people who got in but didnt get the letter about honors... so i think its just for a selected group of people.</p>

<p>all of your stats are scaring me, though!</p>

<p>i also got the letter about honors
3.2 GPA
1540/2190 SAT</p>

<p>For all those interested the following link brings you to the honors program at Geneseo. Basically it says you need a 1350 math/english SAT score and a 95 HS average to be invited to apply. However, I see some have posted here who don't exactly meet that criteria, so I'm guessing there is some sort of scrutiny of individual applications. I believe they only take 10 or 20 applicants into the program each year.<br>
Mtpaper...... your daughter's stats are awesome. Is Geneseo one of her top choices? My daughter was also accepted and invited to apply to Honors but won't even consider going there because her sister went there! She wants "her own college." I can understand her point, but it's such a great school and I know she would do well there and get a great education for a great price. </p>

<p>Geneseo:</a> Geneseo Honors Program</p>

<p>PEACHY267 - thank you -
altho Geneseo was the first school my dd liked after visiting several, it is not one of her top choices.</p>