Information Request Email is Fake

<p>I got the following email,</p>

<p>from COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY <a href=""></a>
reply-to <a href=""></a>
date Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 4:37 PM
hide details 4:37 PM (22 minutes ago)
Att: User,
You are required to reply to this email with the below details with 48 hours:
Columbia Username:
Failure to comply will lead to Account Termination.
Columbia Support</p>

<p>I know it's phishing from the reply-to email. everyone else beware...</p>

<p>thanks for posting this.</p>

but I would hope any semi-observant person would notice both email addresses are very fishy, as well as the un-Columbia like message. hard to fall for =/</p>

<p>Another thing--</p>

<p>If any of you guys have "Aaron Phillips" as a Facebook friend, be careful because I think he's a fake. ALL his friends are from the Columbia network...I think he's adding Columbia students just to gain access to our information and such.</p>

<p>yeah i have him as a friend.... weird.</p>

<p>according to the directory, no such person exists.
but how did he get on the network then?? you need a uni. . .
edit: he's also friended people from various other colleges.</p>

<p>I thought he was pretty fishy, especially his info. I don't know many people that advertise themselves as communist.</p>