Information Technology Vs. Computer Science

<p>Currently, I am pondering on which major and minor is best to acquire skills that are highly recognized in the field and are good acquiring Masters and PhD in future. I am currently pursing B.S. in Information Technology. Now, I am deciding which major is best; Information Technology or Computer Science. Also, I am deciding to do a Business Management minor with either of these majors. Moreover, the university I attend offers Computer Science with Information System option. Now, which major or minor combo is best for me that gives me best skills in technology and business field that is highly recognized in their respective field. After, I complete my four years; I like to purse towards masters in MBA or other best masters. After gaining my master's in MBA or in other field; I like to achieve my PhD. Currently, I am not sure where I am going to pursue in PhD but I know it will be either in business or technology. In the end, before I make my decisions I like to know your inputs on my vision of achieving my PhD and which major and minor combo is best in their respective field.</p>

<p>I just wanted to throw something out there for you. Instead of majoring in IT and minoring in Business related fields, you may want to consider MIS (Management Information Technology). It is one major that would combine both subjects you discussed.</p>