informational interview session and college "why essay"?

<p>recently there is a liberal arts college fair in my city and i was invited to attend. After some kinda qualification process i was entitled to be interviewed by a good college(name omitted) admission officer. But now the problem i really don't know what i should present to the AO.</p>

<p>Anyone has any idea about this kinda informational interview? what's that for and how will it work in the admission process?</p>

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<p>what is the usual content of a college why essay? cus normally there will be a why essay about the reason motivating you to apply for certain school. What should i write in that essay? i am an international student and long be attracted to the liberal arts education. therefore, i plan to apply for some LAC colleges. Certainly i could write about how these sort of academic freedom or something, but that's too general. They maybe the characteristics of all college but not the specific one.
What aspect should i add, faculty, environment or other ideas?</p>

<p>Would be really appreciated for everyone's help~~</p>

<p>You need to thoroughly read the college's website and also look at the college's board here on CC. Based on that information, you should be able to provide specifics about why you'd like to attend that college.</p>

<p>If the interview is informational (or "non-evaluative"), you do not necessarily need to present anything to the admissions officer, but should be prepared with specific questions about the college. This can be an opportunity to find out more about the college in order to be able to answer the essay question.</p>