Informational Phone Call

<p>Did anyone get an informational phone call from Cornell and how did it go for you? My friend told me that they call the people they would most likely admit (because it seems like a pain to call everyone just to tell them info about Cornell when they can find stuff out online). Is it true? Or is Cornell just really friendly to applicants?</p>

<p>Obviously it's marketing to some degree on Cornell's part. What it means as an indication for your eventual fate is unknown. But good luck nonetheless.</p>

<p>^What he said</p>

<p>Thanks! The phone call actually did make me want to go to Cornell (it's my 2nd choice now) lol</p>

<p>I had an alumni informational phone call (I was e-mailed and then we arranged a time to talk), I think it just means that there aren't any alumni in your area.</p>