<p>So I applied for both the Emory Scholars program and the Goizueta Scholars program; I sent both in on the 15th and received confirmation emails. In late Nov., everything finally disappeared from the OPUS to-do list, so I thought all was well. But I just checked OPUS, and it says the Goizueta Scholars essay as "initiated". Should I be concerned?</p>

<p>Yep. Call them and ask if they received it. It might just be a glitch but usually when it says Initiated on OPUS it means "missing"</p>

<p>I had a glitch similar to what you're describing on the 15th right before decisions came out. The OPUS list has been clear for weeks, but then suddenly it said that my early decision agreement was initiated/missing. Then it disappeared a few hours later, so I'm going to assume it was just a weird glitch.</p>

<p>Email or call them because I had the same problem but with my Emory supplement essay. I mailed my entire application in on November 15 for Emory Scholars so I included everything, but somehow they were missing that essay from the app so they just had me email it and they fixed the OPUS to-do list.</p>