Injured soldiers had to pay for armor damaged in combat

<p>Um, is this supporting our troops? This is apparently common. Too bad the soldier bled on himself due to his wounds. That was just silly</p>

<p>Soldier Billed for Bloodied Body Armor

<p>CHARLESTON, W.Va. (Feb. 8) - A former U.S. soldier injured in Iraq says he was forced to pay $700 for a blood-soaked body armor vest that was destroyed after medics removed it to treat shrapnel wounds to his arm.</p>

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Jim MacMillan, AP</p>

<p>First Lt. Rebrook, seen here during a 2004 gun battle in Najaf, had to pay $700 for his Kevlar vest destroyed by medics when he was injured. </p>

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<p>First Lt. William "Eddie" Rebrook IV, 25, had to leave the Army because of his injuries. But before he could be discharged last week, he had to scrounge up cash from his buddies to pay for the body armor or face not being discharged for months. Rebrook was billed because a supply officer failed to document that the vest had been destroyed more than a year ago as a biohazard.</p>