Innovation, Marketing & Product Placement

Where to apply for such a Ph.D?

If you have to ask, you’re probably not a good candidate for a doctorate.

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You need to say more.

What is your undergrad degree? do you have a Masters degree, and if so in what?

What do you mean by “innovation”? are you thinking entrepreneurship?

What do you mean by “product placement”? it is essentially a sub-set of marketing, but it can be done from several directions.

And finally, most crucially: why do you want a PhD? it is a research degree, and irl the main career benefits are in either becoming an academic, or in roles such as analytical and structural models, marketing/operations interface, marketing/IT interface, theories of consumer behavior, market research analyst, etc.

If your interest is more the hands-on aspects of marketing such as product placement, brand management, and developing innovative marketing initiatives, a Masters in some form of marketing is the most you need. Importantly, not having one won’t hold you back- if you are an innovative, entrepreneurial, and very hard working person!

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