Innovation Summit

What is this and what do you do? please help

The Innovation Summit at HPU is a time for incoming students to interact with a few of our innovators in residence. Marc Randolph, the co-founder of Netflix and Steve Wozniak have both visited HPU for this event! You have the chance to meet with, learn from and network with young HPU alumni who are now working for companies like Amazon, Duke Medicine, Facebook, Google, People Magazine, and many more to see how HPU has prepared them for success after graduation. There are chances to meet with professors and students in your area of study while engaging in immersive classroom experiences. It is a wonderful taste of what life at HPU is like for incoming students.

HPU’s Innovation Summit is amazing! It’s a great opportunity for incoming HPU freshmen to interact with other admitted students, High Point University faculty, as well as one of High Point University’s Innovators in Residence. Incoming freshmen also learn from recent alumni and learn about the amazing careers HPU graduates obtain! As mentioned on HPU’s website, 97% of HPU graduates are in graduate school or working in their field within 6 months of graduation!