Input on MassArt-Communication Design

We finally have have admission decisions in front of us, but still have not been able to visit any of the schools. Are there any parents who can share their experiences, impressions, or campus visits with us on MassArt?

It’s probably worth mentioning that we are in an odd situation. D decided to graduate early from Hs bc of covid (sept 2020 instead of May 2021). Not knowing what covid would do and excited to get going, she applied to Parsons and BU for spring 2021; Boston Univ and MassArts for fall 2021. Luckily, we have admissions decisions from all of them, BUT are needing to make a decision bc we have 2 schools with earlier deadlines. Mercy…

She was accepted into Parsons, BU, SVA, and MassArts. I’m skipping any info on merit offers bc of all the things, that is the easiest to compare!

MassArts is the one we know the least about in terms of professors, facilities, students, dorms, and reputation.

Here’s the basic rundown…

MassArt- she likes that they have a communication design program, loves the location. She has done all of the virtual tours but bc of covid, the it felt “empty” to her. Granted- it’s just a video, but that’s all we’ve got! We really don’t know much about the quality of the professors, the program, the facilities, the students, or the dorms.

BU- she likes program on paper bc it feels like art school within a traditional university. I think it also exciting to be accepted into a college that is very difficult to get into. However, the only info I find on the school and its atmosphere is related to the engineering program. We can’t get a since of what the GD program is like.

SVA- she likes the program, but likes being in MA more. They also didn’t offer enough merit aid to put it into a viable position.

Parsons- Originally her first choice, but I feel like things are too unstable financially and between the faculty and new president to consider it right now.

Are there any parents who can share their experience or opinion on MassArt or even BU?

Thank you!