Insane guidance counselors?

<p>Does anyone have any insane guidance counselor stories to share? I asked my guidance counselor if I could take a regents if I studied the coursework on my own, and she said AND I QUOTE: "What makes you think you're smart enough to take the regents?"</p>

<p>No exaggerations. At all. She said it with a straight face, too.</p>

<p>Any one with a crazier story than mine?</p>

<p>Not really, mine is actually pretty sane.
In fact, I really like her and she was always pretty helpful and understanding (expecially in considering all the wacky and overly ambitious propositions I gave to her)</p>

<p>I have “2” guidance counselors. 1 was my real guidance counselor who was forced to change to another grade, however helps me as much as she can and acts as if shes my guidance counselor still. She really loves me and I love her (Not anything romantic, but in a helpful way) and tries her best to help me within her limits. I’ll be getting college rec’s from her rather then the other “current” guidance counselor.</p>

<p>The other guidance counselor I have however (the new interim guidance counselor) is a lazy slob who doesn’t like being disturbed. Never helps anyone and never even tries…</p>

<p>My guidemce counselor is sooooo nice. He lets me switch my schedule if I want a certain teacher and last year he let me switch because I didn’t want French 1st period</p>

<p>I have two as well (though they are both official), by guidance counselor that I have because I was identified as gifted/now take honors and AP classes and the regular school guidance counselor. I usually only go to the first, she is nicer then the other and knows more about applying to top tier schools.</p>

<p>Just out of curiosity, is your high school Regents-exempt? Because if you can’t take Regents, how are you getting a diploma?
I could be missing something here, but I’m just wondering.
Luckily my school is Regents-exempt :slight_smile:
And my school doesn’t have a normal guidance counselor system (just a college admissions counselor and a student liaison) but the wackiest thing they did was put the entire grade in APUSH rather than 50-50 like they usually do. It’s like we learn about the Mayflower and someone’s like, “The Mayflower’s a boat, right?” or, “This was like when Christopher Columbus discovered America, right?” Sweet kids, and smart in other ways, but there’s a reason why APUSH isn’t the normal level.</p>

<p>Eh, my guidance counselor is nice, but last year at the end of the year when we were picking what classes we wanted, I told her I wanted to wait until 11th to take Spanish 3 because I really wanted Journalism 2 and I couldn<code>t fit both on my schedule. So she said I had to ask my Spanish teacher what she thought. My teachers (nicest lady ever) said it was fine and I wouldn</code>t have a problem waiting a year. So I told my guidance counselor it was fine. But yet, I got Spanish 3 on my schedule for this year, and I called to get it switched, because it J2 shouldn`t have filled up quickly or anything, and she acted completely surprised I wanted J2. It seemed like she put Espanol 3 on purpose instead of J2.

So, she isn`t exactly helpful of classes.</p>

<p>My guidance counselor is great, actually. Very helpful and responsive, helped me with considering testing out of a required Social Studies class, even though I opted not to in the end. I see her around my neighborhood all of the time, too.
I’ve heard horror stories about some of the other ones around my school, though.</p>

<p>My counselor isn’t that great. He has a ton of kids to chase after and since he’s department chair, he’s always busy. I end up talking to other counselors and you know what? I feel like other people’s counselors help me out tons. I mean, he’s not perfect and he does what he can to help me get what I need even though I don’t ever get “what I want” out of my ideal counselor. But I know he’s busy so its all good.</p>