<p>Okay... Chicago is the only school i applied to i am actually intimidated by the reputation of the student body. I am terrified that i will go there and fail :(. I know the ordinary logic is that if they admitted you, then they believe that you can do the work. but... i was deferred and then accepted, so i am a little worried that.... maybe they had some doubts as well. </p>

<p>Does anyone else feel this way? Are there alot of people that simply crack under the enormous workload?</p>

<p>carpecollege, i totally understand what you mean. i'm really really excited about getting into uc, but at the same time i'm a bit worried that i'm going to drown in the course load. also all of stories i've heard about the student body and how super-intellectual they are really intimidate me...</p>

<p>im in the same situation as you guys
im REALLY excited about the whole rigorous academics thing, but then im intimidated by the "can i actually pass those classes though" thoughts.
but nonetheless im going to be attending uofc. i guess i'll find out if i can do it or not by personal experience ! :P</p>