Inside Info on Sacred Heart - why the gender disparity?

We toured the school and my son loved the campus - even had AC in a freshman dorm! Compared to Fairfield, he preferred the SH campus. Does anyone know why it is 70% female? And why is it rated so much lower than Fairfield?

Sacred Heart is more of a commuter suitcase type of school. Fairfield is more community focused.

Thanks - that is helpful. I did not think to ask whether kids went home on weekends.

Any idea why it is over 60% female? Some older stats were close to 70%

We have toured there twice and my daughter loves it. We did not get the feeling that it was a suitcase school at all and that was one thing we specifically talked to people about. Everyone we have spoken with has loved the school and it seems to be growing and becoming more well known.

As for the higher female ratio, I don’t know why but it does seem to be the case at a number of schools - almost every one we have looked at is like that except for a few state flagship schools we have been too.

Good luck to your son in his search!