Insight on Kalamazoo College?

<p>Hi! Is there any current student who could tell me about how life at Kalamazoo College is like? I'll be applying to it through the Posse Foundation, so if I win the scholarship I'm probably choosing it over UC Berkeley.</p>

<p>I've heard positive things about this college, but I wanna do as much as possible about it.
My mom's fear is that it's unknown and that I'm going to regret my choice.</p>

<p>Please, help me prove her that she's wrong and that Kalamazoo is great!</p>

<p>Our son will be returning for his sophomore year @ KZOO in a few weeks. He absolutely loves the school. Great facilities, faculty and student body. Strong merit based scholarships are available. They also have one of the better known study abroad programs and encourage all students to participate. Campus is adjacent to Western Michigan University so the town of Kalamazoo is alive with college kids. We looked at several LAC in OH, MI, PA, IL & WI and KZOO was his first choice.</p>

<p>Good luck with your college search & selection</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>Visited the campus this year. Small but very pretty -- looks to me like a traditional New England campus built onto a hillside in Michigan. It is inside the city of Kalamazoo, which has a "nicer" side but also a "sketchier" side.</p>

<p>My daughter (now a senior) and I have been to Kalamazoo to visit a couple of times. She went recently for an overnight and loved it. It's small, that's for sure. There's one dining hall for the student body of around 1,400. But the feel of the place is wonderful. My daughter sat in on one of the first-year seminars and was very pleased with her warm reception by the students as well as the teacher in the class. The vibe is progressive and green, but not as self-consciously so as at, say, Oberlin (which--different strokes for different folks and all that--my daughter visited and didn't like so much). The campus is very attractively laid out. The town itself has plenty going on, with a vibrant downtown.</p>