insights from college students please

<p>I have a son who is a freshmen in college. He's just been issued a serious warning from his university because he allowed a friend to smoke pot in his room. He claims he wasn't there and the school confirmed that in the letter they sent us, but said that since they were his guests, he's responsible. This was his first violation, if there's a second, he could be suspended. Son says there won't be a second time, but I mean, it could happen. He was also written up for that and having alcohol with the guests as well as loud noise (sounds like they had a pretty good time huh?). The school put him on probation. He's admitted to smoking occaisionally, and claims it's less than he did in high school (sigh). He's doing well in school, so far has kept his scholarship and holds a campus job to help pay his expenses. My husband and I have talked to him lots about this. We don't allow it in our home, and this past summer let he and his brother (he goes to an Ivy, also likes pot) know that if they bring it into our home (we are totally not into it, and also have younger children) or use it in our cars, they will lose the right to drive our cars (which they pay insurance on for use when home from college, not that that's important, but they'll have to buy their own car at that point) and if they bring it into our homes they will have to live elsewhere, younger son did it twice in high school and it really caused us alarm. They say they respect our position but admit that it's a part of their lives (small they say, but who knows really) at school and for all I know, when we are elsewhere.</p>

<p>My questions to you is this: Have any of you ever found a reason to quit, and if so, what was it. Also, do the health implications ever bother you?</p>

<p>For the record, my husband has cancer and it was suggested that it might be due to his ciggarette smoking in college/and in his 20's. We both quit smoking once we had our first of four kids, and while we tried pot in college a few times, neither of us liked it. We shared this with our kids in an effort to be credible and honest.</p>

<p>Your candor would be most appreciated as I will readily admit to having a hard time with this issue and worry about it from time to time.</p>

<p>Chill brah … just smoke a joint and flow with mother earth, cha?</p>

<p>Honestly, I know of a friend of mine that has to stop for the next few weeks in preperation for a drug test.</p>

<p>Haven’t found a reason to quit yet. It’s just weed.</p>

<p>Yeah I wouldn’t say there is much to worry about. Weed is not too serious, arguably less serious than alcohol. However, I do agree with all of your rules, they’re definitely reasonable, after all it is illegal. I would say give him a good going over on how stupid he was to smoke it in his room, that was just plain dumb. Or let his friend smoke it in his room, that’s even more dumb. As for a reason to quit? Meh I can’t really help you there, I mean health wise it’s pretty much harmless if you don’t do it much. The only reasons I can think of not to do it occasionally are 1) It’s illegal 2) You don’t like it 3) You need to pass regular drug tests.</p>

<p>I appreciate all your responses, even the silly ones. I got a very passionate private response and will answer that private message as I am just blown away by his honesty and thoughtful advice and insight.</p>

<p>I do hope to hear more, I know for many of you this is a non issue.</p>

<p>Where I live, it seems to be almost a cultural thing. Everyone does it, no one cares, & it just seems to be a way of life. I only do it on weekends/breaks and it doesn’t interfere with my school work, so I don’t see a reason to quit.</p>



<p>I fall into category #2, but how about what OP said about “#4”–health?</p>

<p>One of my first-year hallmates cracked me up. He evangelized the herb, literally, arguing that drinking alcohol was worse for the body and singing the virtues of vaporizers. Except he never used vaporizers, he used pipes and bongs. Ironically, he and I are both “Asian” and (supposedly) both have high savings rates, but he never could afford that $539 vaporizer…</p>

<p>(We were both in-state residents who didn’t have to pay tuition, and he even had a nice scholarship so that he paid less than I did. PLUS, his parents were IT professionals who earned more than mine do, so he really had no excuse for not being able to afford that darn vape…)</p>

<p>A Volcano is a wonderful thing to have.</p>

<p>As for health, there aren’t many risks. If you smoke a lot of weed, you run the risk of respiratory problems; that’s about it.</p>

<p>^or being a lazy pothead</p>

<p>^Not directly health-related, and OP’s son said he does not smoke very much.</p>

<p>^i know</p>

<p>It’s just a risk</p>



<p>Respiratory problems…like cancer?</p>

<p>Smoking anything is cancerous. Hence my hallmate’s evangelism of the virtues of vaporizers; supposedly, vaping marijuana is non-carcinogenic.</p>

<p>Even smoking a lot of weed involves smoking much less than you would if you were smoking cigarettes. The risk of lung cancer (assuming all you do is smoke weed) is pretty small, especially since most people don’t smoke for their whole lives. I mean, it’s not great for you to inhale smoke ever, but even a heavy marijuana habit most likely won’t lead to cancer.</p>



[Myths</a> and Facts About Marijuana](<a href=“]Myths”>10 Facts About Marijuana | Drug Policy Alliance)</p>

<p>Minor respiratory problems are all that may arise (e.g. the “stoner laugh”).</p>

<p>That being said, I agree with your rules. I certainly never keep weed or alcohol at home out of respect for my parents.</p>

<p>[Globe</a> and Mail article](<a href=“]Globe”></p>

<p>I am highly skeptical of the findings, but I can’t call myself a “scientist” if I just shake off whatever doesn’t fit with my worldview.</p>



<p>Seems like the risk is “lower” only in the sense that people who smoke marijuana smoke less frequently than people who smoke tobacco. If that’s reassuring enough for you, hey–I’m a libertarian, as long your second hand smoke is far away from me, more power to you!</p>


Not only that, but one study showed that you are safer and less distracted driving high than if there is a passenger in your car while you are sober. Crazy.</p>

<p>I call ******** on being a better driver high. I am pretty sure your are a worse driver high, and a much worse driver when you mix weed and alcohol (worse than just alcohol).</p>

<p>No one said driving high was safer than driving sober, and the second point wasn’t mentioned at all. Of course people drive worse when they mix weed and alcohol.</p>

<p>^I though that is what your post said</p>