Inspiring ACT test stories

<p>Hey CC'ers, </p>

<p>I am very interested in hearing inspiring ACT test improvement stories. If you have an improvement story that could inspire others, please share it and how you achieved such success. (E.x-Have you scored a 17 your first try and ended up with a 30?). I'm interested in reading them.</p>

<p>I started out with 28’s and 29’s, but after 3 months of intense studying from every single ACT book I could grab, I took the April ACT and got a 35!! Hard work def pays off!</p>

<p>My student started off with a baseline score of 25 in spring of sophomore year. In junior year it went to a 28 after 6 weeks of prep. and stayed flat during 2 more attempts. In September of her senior year she finally raised it to a 32 with very little additional prep. Practice does make perfect and there is a bit of a luck factor, particularly with the science section. We had already registered/paid for the Oct ACT before receiving September’s results, so it will be interesting what effect a combination of no prep. BUT no pressure does to her scores. 32 was her target, so she is pleased.</p>

<p>Started with first attempt of a 22 in my early junior year. Studied my a$$ of and ended up with a 32 :)</p>

<p>In April of my Junior year I scored a 22. I took a week long 8 hour prep class and only scored a 24 on the June test. I was so upset after I had put in so much additional effort and practice. However, on the September test my score increased to a 28! I was so happy! Not in the 30’s like some other people, but it put me in the top 94% in my state (KY), so I am very pleased.</p>

<p>October of my junior year I took the ACT having only done 1-2 practice tests… I scored a 29 (27,31,26 ,30). I registered for the following February and got the red book, the cracking the act book by princeton review, and Barron’s ACT 36. I uhhh didn’t study much besides the week prior to the test. That week was pretty crazy: I took 1 or 2 tests a night totaling 7 over the week. I ended up getting a 34 (35,35,28 Dx reading, 36). Proves that practice tests are really worth the time :).</p>