instate stats?

<p>For an in-stater, what would be good stats to have in order to get accepted into UofM? (GPA, ACT, SAT, number of ec's, etc.)</p>

<p>Assuming you apply before October,</p>

<p>To have 100% chance of getting in:</p>

<p>SAT: 1400+
ACT: 30+
GPA: 3.9 unweighed
Class rank: Top 5%</p>

<p>To have a good chance of getting:
SAT 1300-1400
ACT 28-30
GPA 3.7-3.9 unweighed
Class rank: Top 10%</p>

<p>To have a decent chance:
SAT 1200-1300
ACT 26-28
GPA: 3.5-3.7 unweighed
Top 20%</p>

<p>Less than that, and your chances aren't good.</p>

<p>what if you apply after october?</p>

<p>If you apply after October, it varries from year to year. But your chances aren't as good.</p>


<p>O well, it's just a backup school so hopefully I don't need it.. I guess I'll be doing my essays this weekend!</p>