Instead of transferring, apply as freshman

<p>Hi, as the title of the thread states, I was wondering if this can be done?
I checked most colleges and they say that I have to send any transcripts I have received from post-secondary institutions. I did my first year at UCLA, as an international student, but finances got bad in my family and I'm no longer there.
The problem is that I made the mistake of taking a really heavy courseload with no "general education" whatsoever during my first year of engineering (2.73 GPA); contributing factors could have been adapting, etc, but let's not go there.</p>

<p>My only hope of finishing college in the US is getting enough financial aid at privates, but I know that they would be intolerable regarding my atrocious 1st year GPA. I do, however, have great HS GPA and good scores.</p>

<p>Would I be automatically rejected if I don't send my UCLA transcript?
I wouldn't mind starting over, but if it is not possible, I'd have to go to lower tier private colleges, which would be quite sad.</p>

<p>By not putting your time at UCLA on your appllication, you would essentially be lying to the new school. They would also want to know what you were doing this past year. If you make something up, that compounds the lie. If they find this out, your application would bhe rejected. Even if you enter the new school, if they find out you submitted a fraudulent application, you could be told to leave.</p>

<p>They may or may not discover your deception but if they do, you would be in trouble. </p>

<p>This would be a more serious problem at better universities.</p>

<p>All colleges require that you send transcripts from previous college coursework. Here's how they check:</p>

<p>National</a> Student Clearinghouse: Degree verification & enrollment verification</p>

<p>In addition, if you received any prior financial aid, there is a record of you and the college you attended.</p>

<p>Yeah, it sounds very reasonable.</p>

<p>You're in a difficult situation financial aid wise. </p>

<p>Few schools meet need for transfer international students, and of the ones that do, are often not "need-blind."</p>

<p>Most schools have a policy that is:
1. If you've studied at a university previously you must apply as a transfer.
2. You can not discount prior college experience in order to qualify as a freshman.</p>