Instructor Edition Books?

<p>These seem to be a lot cheaper than the regular editions and the descriptions seem to make sound ok. Are these worth buying?</p>

<p>intructor editions are cheaper? :confused:</p>

<p>i havent seen instructor editions before. i've seen teacher's solution manuals (all answers vs just odd answers), but those are hard to come by.</p>

<p>do you mean international editions?</p>

<p>Nope, I'm sure I mean instructor editions. Maybe it's just the one book I'm looking at because it's the newest edition so there's probably a lot of instructor editions out there that were like samples or something.</p>

<p>I know which ones you're talking about. I once bought an instructor's edition textbook for a psychology class in community college because it was far cheaper than the student edition. The student and instructor editions are the same, except that the instructor's edition says "instructor's edition" on the front. Beyond that, it was the same exact book.</p>