Insurance coverage for debris from car ahead of you.

<p>S1 is home for the weekend and while returning from an errand a huge metal pipe flew off a commercial truck right in front of him. His choice was to hit the pipe or swerve into the car next to him. He got an immediate flat tire and the rim is bent/cracked. There were 3 other cars that were less fortunate. </p>

<p>Question - Is this something that would be covered by comprehensive? If we report it will it go against S1's pristine driving record? I hate these type of problems.</p>

<p>Claims under comprehensive coverage are not typically chargeable/ratable...unlike collision claims. You should follow up with your insurance agent.</p>

<p>I would contact the owner of the commercial truck. In HI (& I'm betting most places) their driver is legally required to properly secure their load. Having a huge metal pipe fall off should be something the business needs to reimburse for rather than your insurer. Your insurer should handle it otherwise but I would hate for it to count against your record (even if it shouldn't). Is there a police report? If so, that should also help.</p>

<p>Good luck & let us know what happens!</p>

<p>This happened to DD last year when she was on a road trip in Atlanta. A landscape truck ahead of her lost a piece of landscape timber from the back of the truck and it shattered her windshield and dented the roof of her car. She and her friend were very fortunate they were not injured. DD and friend recalled the name of the company which she reported to the police when they came. She then called me and told me AAA was coming to tow the car to a glass repair place. She asked me to call the landscape company (truck did not stop - guess they didn't realize they lost part of their load) and the insurance company. When I called the landscape company, they said they would speak with their drivers. They called me back a short time later and said their drivers denied losing anything and they aren't the only landscape company with that name. Our insurance company paid for everything with no out-of-pocket cost to us and no increase in rates.</p>

<p>The driver did not stop and boys never saw the truck from the side to get the name. They said the police stopped to talk to one of the cars, but then took off with lights and sirens.</p>

<p>I must admit to smiling all the way down to my toes when my son said "Hey mom, now I know why you always insist we have jackets, hats and boots in the trunk" Score one for moms across the frozen tundra!</p>

<p>Something similar happened to us. A tire retread came off a truck and was bouncing along the freeway. Looked like we'd miss it, but another car clipped it and it crashed into the side of our car, causing $3k in damage. Saw the truck pull over so we stopped and got their info. However, the rules in our state are that, once another vehicle hits the item, it becomes "road debris" and apparently the original culprit is off the hook.</p>

<p>It didn't increase our insurance, but getting car doors fixed is a bit tricky, as they have to take alot apart. After the repair, H never checked to make sure the doors and locks worked properly on that side until quite a bit of time went by. Then found one door couldn't open from the inside, and the locks then gave out. But it was too late to go back to the repair shop.</p>

<p>Yeah, I also hit a big piece of tire that was bouncing across the highway...I took the car in, insurance covered it.</p>

<p>I stay far away and preferably in another lane when I see a dodgy vehicle.</p>