Insurance...Please help!

<p>I thought that we're supposed to sign up for insurance before orientation so I did. My orientation is 5/17 and it says that the payment for my insurance is due 5/14 but I have no money left! Senior yr is too expensive...anyway, it said I can use my financial aid to pay for it but how do I do that? I called a bunch of places but they were all nasty and made me not want to talk to them anymore. No one knew anything and some were just plain rude. So my question is: do I HAVE to have insurance paid for before signing up for classes at orientation and if so how do I deffer it for financial aid?</p>

<p>Did you call FSU's Insurance Office - (850) 644-4250? They have been very helpful in answering our questions. This is probably a common question.</p>

<p>I'm not sure who I've called anymore. been transferred so many times but thank you I will try tomorrow :)</p>

<p>This may help: Insurance</a> Home Page

Parents and Students,</p>

<p>WELCOME to the Thagard Student Health Center’s Student Insurance Management Information System (SIMIS). This site has been developed to provide FSU parents, students, post doctoral fellows and visiting scholars with valuable information for transition into the FSU network of support.
Healthy students meet their academic goals. Thagard Student Health Center administers the requirement for insurance coverage for the university. Every full-time student new to the university must show proof of comparable health insurance prior to registration once each year or purchase the student health insurance.
Other insurance is acceptable as comparable if it meets the following minimum requirements:</p>

<pre><code>* Prescription coverage
* A provider network in the Tallahassee/Leon County area for specialty, diagnostic, urgent, emergency and hospital care
* Mental health coverage
* Major medical coverage of at least $100,000
* Coverage for the entire academic year, including holidays
* Maternity coverage for female students provided as any other temporary medical condition.

<p>Please use this site as a resource as you decide on the options available to you. A tutorial with chapters earmarked for different populations will walk you through step by step.


Graduate and undergraduate students enrolling full-time must show proof of health insurance before they can register for classes.


<p>There is a hold on your account on secure apps and you cannot register for classes unless you have proof of insurance. You have to go here Insurance</a> Home Page to show proof online, and then the hold is removed. </p>

• * The annual premium is one charge split into two payments.
o The first payment is due when financial aid is distributed in August.
o The second payment is due in January when financial aid is distributed</p>

<p>IF YOU GET THE POLICY SOLD ON THE FSU SITE YOU DO NOT OWE ANY MONEY NOW because the insurance is effective starting the first day of classes in the fall. You just have to go online and apply and indicate you want financial aid to cover it. Then you go to the above website and fill in the info and having signed up is PROOF even if it is not paid for until financial aid covers it, because coverage does not start till then anyway. NO MONEY DUE NOW.</p>

<p>THE NUMBERS ARE: Domestic Comprehensive student cost for one calendar year starting first day of fall term is $1415. It is $546 for fall paid for by financial aid in AUG, and $869 for spring and next summer paid for by financial aid in JAN. If you start this summer term it is $377 for the first day of class summer to the first day of class fall, and also can be paid for with summer financial aid. <a href=""&gt;;/a>. There is a Basic plan that is $979 for one calancer year, $378 due AUG and $601 due JAN and $261 if you need summer coverage for this coming summer. </p>

<p>For questions or problems:Phone: 850.644.4250, Email: <a href=""></a></p>

<p>If money is tight, consider getting a dorm room in one of the older dorms instead of getting a double in one of the eastside renovated dorms--you could save over $1000/yr which would pay for the basic FSU health insurance plan. Sometimes you got to do what you got to do!</p>

<p>If you're super tight for money, you may qualify for medicaid which is better than nothing and will meet the FSU insurance requirement.</p>

<p>I am going to end up in a west side dorm if I'm lucky enough to get one because I have a bad priority #. It's just that I need to pay for my insurance by tomorrow and there's no way I can come up with $329...</p>

<p>Didn't realize you wanted to resolve your insurance with FSU like today. At this point if I were you and you can't get things settled over phone to your satisfaction the next few days, I'd just show up at the scheduled orientation the 17th and get some help from FSU officials while at orientation. It sounds like you've already ordered the insurance and just need help having it paid out of your FSU financial aid account down the road. Good luck and enjoy orientation!</p>

<p>Are you sure you don't already have some form of insurance? Most people at least have the coverage offered by the public school system. All you need to do is enter that information on the website if you do.</p>

<p>I have amerigroup (medicaid) but only until I turn 18 and I'm not sure if it covers everything they want...</p>

<p>I think medicaid will cover you until you are 21, but not your parents anymore once you turn 18. Too, if your medicaid is cut off you can get the FSU policy prorata for the balance of semester. You may not be able to continue medicaid if you are getting a lot of financial aid--have your parents call the state and see how that works.</p>

<p>Phone the health center tomorrow at FSU, 850 644-4250, tell them you have medicaid coverage you want to use for health insurance compliance, have your medicaid card handy with policy #, they may want you to fax them a copy--then you should be all set. If you have to get other coverage later, worry about getting it then.</p>

<p>If you get the policy that FSU offers, NO MONEY IS DUE NOW.</p>

<p>Once I complete the FSU Insurance application, do I have to do anything else if I'm paying for it with financial aid money?
Do I go to "pay now" and choose to pay with my FSUCard or do I simply leave it alone?
I haven't been to orientation yet and I don't have my card, so I'm afraid that if I use it and it's wrong or my financial aid money hasn't been transferred to it, I will be penalized.</p>

<p>I've called everyone and they all told me to leave it so I did. At orientation I tried signing up for classes but it stopped me so I had to go to Thagard (sp?) to get it fixed. After getting there it took like 2 minutes and I was able to sign up for classes. If you're worried go to your blackboard and click secure apps. Then in the right column 8th from the bottom click registration stops/warnings and I'm guessing that should tell you whether or not you'll have any problems. If it asks you to pay for your insurance then call Thagard and ask for the compliance office and explain your problem because you're allowed to use financial aid to pay for insurance. They should fix it :)</p>

<p>Hey, I'm having the same problem. I have to move in for summer June 19th, and I still don't have insurance. When I went to buy it through the school I saw that the deadline had passed. Does anyone know any comparable short-term insurances that fit the waive criteria for FSU. I looked all around and can't find any. </p>

<li>Prescription coverage</li>
<li>A provider network in the Tallahassee/Leon County area for specialty, diagnostic, urgent, emergency and hospital care</li>
<li>Mental health coverage</li>
<li>Major medical coverage of at least $100,000</li>
<li>Coverage for the entire academic year, including holidays</li>

<p>How did you register for class without insurance? You can sign up NOW for the calendar year Aug 2010-Aug 2011, and just look for short term insurance for June-Aug.</p>

<p>Did you check into Blue Cross Blue Shield. It is expensive though, especially if you are a girl.</p>

<p>isn't blue cross blue shield what the insurance through the school is?</p>

<p>guest2010--you should be eligible to purchase FSU's sponsored Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan through the first week of when your summer term starts. It's $329 for the fancy plan and $244 for the basic plan for the 2010 summer term. Call FSU's insurance # 850-644-4250 or call the student health center (850-644-6230) for help--they might even charge you less for the abbreviated summer c semester if that is what you are doing.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Insurance</a> Home Page</p>