Insurance question -Help!

<p>Another student damaged my daughter’s new computer. Akkkk!!! Would my homeowner’s insurance cover this? Its Sunday or I’d call the agent.</p>

<p>I don't know the answer but for other posters - I recommend paying extra for the 'accidental damage' coverage and extended time coverage for the laptop warranty. Dell offers this and I assume some others do as well. A college campus/dorm environment can be tough on a computer - especially a laptop.</p>

<p>IMO the student who broke your D's laptop should pay to have it fixed.</p>

<p>It might cover, it might not. Renters insurance for students in dorms or apartments is cheap, and I agree about the extra computer warranties sold, esp when you buy your computer at the college computer store or online with a student discount. If it is not covered, your student needs to speak with the other student about the cost of repairs. I would also consider a call or letter to parents if the student does not seem to take on the responsibility of reimbursement.</p>

<p>Did you enroll in CSA (student's insurance)? My S's computer got ruined in same way, and they covered the cost. It would not have helped to ask rm/mt to contribute to cost of new computer, as it was an accident and $ tight.</p>

<p>I would certainly review you home plan, and see if computers covered.</p>

<p>What is the computer worth (how much to fix)? I wouldn't make a claim on a home owner's policy. Too many small claims (remember you have a deductible too) and they can jack up your rates or cancel your policy. Remember: Insurance is for things you can't pay for, like your house burning down, or someone stealing ALL the valuables in your house.</p>

<p>For future reference, I paid for a student insurance policy for $5000 coverage with a $25 deductible for my D's "stuff" for one year for $121. Covers on or off campus housing. Covers most everything except car accessories or things left in an unlocked car. It is through NSSI (National Student Services Inc) and comes with different levels of coverege. It covers theft, fire, flood, vandalism, natural disasters and accidental damage. It includes laptops, cameras, mp3 players, cell phones, musical Instruments, furniture, clothes, sporting goods.</p>

<p>What kind of damage? If the other student is a responsible, honest person --they should pay to have it fixed. My son spilled something on a neighbor's computer when in college--he paid to have it repaired.</p>

<p>It's also prudent to buy a 4 year on-site complete care insurance when you purchase a new computer for a student. It will cover anything, theft, accidents, drops, spills etc. My D accidentally stepped on her computer when she was in college, broke the LED screen and it was replaced with no deductible. It would have cost about $500 otherwise.</p>

<p>If the damage is just to a laptop keyboard, these are fairly easily and inexpensively replaced.</p>

IMO the student who broke your D's laptop should pay to have it fixed.


<p>The insurance company may feel the same way.</p>

<p>IMO the damager should pay, but when my DDs computer was stolen out of a friends car there was no offer of help replacing it. The car the friend forgot to lock!</p>

<p>We got a policy rider for a cheap additional premium on our HO policy and have had no further computer issues, or course ;)</p>

<p>The information offered by the OP is woefully insufficient to justify any meaningful advice or opinion. But in spite of that fact, it will not stop opinionated offerings disguised as such.</p>

<p>Almost all homeowner/renter insurance policies cover for specified perils. Very few policies are all peril policies, and not many policies cover accidental damage. You will need to check your policy to see if this fits under one of those perils. It's unlikely that something like this would be covered if it's accidental, and also unlikely if it's intentional, unless your company feels kind enough to cover it under vandalism. A better idea is to have the person who caused the damage cover it, either him/herself or, if through insurance (if they have it), through the liability portion of the policy.</p>

<p>My daughter accidentally backed into one of her friends car at their sorority..and there obviously was no question but we had to pay for was cheaper to pay the parents then to go thru insurance in this situation.</p>

<p>I must say, as a true Judge Judy watcher..she would say that whoever caused the accident is responsible, unless the computer was safely put away, etc.. But under normal circumstances, if someone damages your stuff, they are responsible. More then likely the other girls parents have some sort of insurance to cover this..Meantime, maybe your daughter can rent a comp from the school until hers is replaced/repaired.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone. The person who broke the computer has offered to replace it. He's a kid who doesn’t really have the money for this. I just hate to make the kid pay for it. I guess I’ll be buying the extra insurance for students that you spoke of. I feel like I spend my life paying for insurance for no reason. If I buy this, I’m sure I will never use it. Sigh! It sounds like an overall insurance would be better than buying a specific policy for just the computer.</p>

<p>Talk to your insurance company. They will not likely cover it without a personal articles policy. I recommend those for computers. They are inexpensive and cover any damage - accidental included. You can add expensive jewelry, cameras, computers, etc. I have both my laptop and my D's laptop at school insured on the personal articles policy.</p>

<p>CSI</a> College Student Insurance Home
these people provide very reasonable priced policies specifically for college students. Low deductibles. this company has been discussed on this board before and many of us use this company. (no I don't work for them)</p>

<p>I bought the CSI policy, which was great. My d damaged her laptop (yes, it was her own negligence) to the tune of $600 or so. CSI covered it. Then her camera was stolen. CSI covered it too - at replacement, not depreciated, cost. Totally worth the money - even if I never make another claim, what they've already paid out is more than 4 years worth of premiums. And knowing college kids, there will likely be another claim!</p>

<p>College students may be prone to all types of unfortunate accidents, and the CSI insurance seems to ba a good deal. </p>

<p>A bit off topic, but a damage/insurance related scenario involving a musical instrument is here <a href=""&gt;;/a> </p>

<p>Not to hijack the thread, but it is important to know the specifics of insurance as to how it relates to an instrument if your student is taking one to college. Basic insurance may be purchased through a homewner's or specific rider, but be aware if the instrument is used professionally a claim against homeowner's coverage may be denied (a paid church gig is often a reason for claim denial for example). A CSI type plan may cover instruments, but again read the fine print.</p>

<p>Music major or minor undergrads, or those with high value instruments at college might be smart to consider specific instrument insurance, offered through a variety of companies named within the link. </p>

<p>In many cases, an instrument may be worth the dollar value of a semester or two of COA, or more.</p>

<p>A similar scenario was discussed at length in this thread a while back <a href=""&gt;;/a> Its a long read, but may be worthwhile. These things typically are accidents-- kids aren't super careful at college and stuff happens. In the "cc jury" thread, the dau tripped over the computer power cord that was stretched across a walkway. Lots of differing opinions on who should pay the repairs...</p>

<p>We have an extra college insurance policy on younger s's stuff as part of our Homeowners insurance through USAA. Those of you with USAA should look into it.</p>