Insurance waiver

<p>I just finished my waiver online, but I'm scared that it won't be accepted. Does anyone know the minimum amount they want for each question so I know if I'll be denied or not bcus I'd rather find out now if I have to pay for Cruzcare.</p>

<li>What is your plan's deductible per individual each year? </li>
<li>What is your plan's maximum out-of-pocket expense per individual each year?</li>
<li>What is your plan's maximum lifetime benefit?</li>

<p>I have a similar problem so instead of opening a whole different thread, thought I should ask it here.</p>

<p>I have Medi-Cal insurance (state run insurance for low income families) and I have no idea where I would get my information, since apparantly no one in my family has any of the required info. I sent an email to ucsc insurance people, but they really didn't help me. </p>

<p>anyone in the same boat?</p>

<p>I am trying to get a contract from Anthem Blue Cross (UCSC's provider), because I need insurance more than the average student and want to know how it specifically compares to my employer's plan, which will terminate when I move.</p>

<p>You will not find specific information from the campus insurance office, trust me guys I know, you need to call Anthem Blue Cross and any rep affiliated with the university plan.</p>

<p>Zabdullah, call a state number for your information. Also consider: (a passing thought I had) your insurance information is private. How for heaven's sake will a university investigate and verify the information you put down. Just a thought though, passing, and now gone.</p>