Intel ISEF 2011 Finalists

<p>Who is going to LA? I think all of the regional fairs have ended by now, with state fairs coming up pretty soon, and thought a thread would be necessary. I remember seeing one a while ago but can't seem to find it anymore.</p>

<p>I searched, and couldn’t find one either. I’m in through the regional fair (small, so I feel a bit undeserving :(). Our state fair is in two days.</p>

<p>Which category is yours in? Mine’s in engineering.</p>

<p>I’m in Microbiology, and I qualified through my regional fair too. I can’t wait! Despite missing a week of school and knowing I’ll have a lot of makeup work, it should be an awesome time. I heard that Zuckerberg is the speaker!</p>

<p>I’m in Physics, and I got through my state fair (by some strange miracle). Does anyone know if Google is going to be as prominent of a sponsor this year?- they were awesome last year.</p>

<p>I’m not sure - Google has their own science fair now so I presume that it won’t be as big at ISEF this year. Can anyone confirm the Zuckerberg rumor? That would be my first celebrity/famous person sighting and I’m beyond excited. :O</p>

<p>That’s what I thought too when Google announced its own science fair- did anyone enter it by the way? Zuckerburg would be TOTALLY awesome. Another rumor I’ve heard is that Intel might rent out Disneyland, can anyone confirm this too?</p>

<p>Rent out Disneyland? For what purpose exactly? That would be AWESOME.</p>

<p>I didn’t enter Google’s; my work for ISEF alone was too much. xD</p>

<p>One week left!</p>

<p>I’m attending as well. Plant Sciences ftw. Qualified at regional.</p>

<p>Whooo! We should have a CC meet-up, haha.</p>

<p>How about at pin exchange? We could do it a bit earlier than it actually starts, maybe on the 10th floor?</p>

<p>I totally didn’t see this in time! :frowning:
I loved ISEF…fabulous experience and now I’m tempted to re-enter next year, haha.</p>

<p>hello all, i’m planning on entering next year. can someone describe what the qualifications are for entering? what kind of research is allowed to be entered and how long the essays or report is? Is there a presentation? thanks!</p>

<p>I hate all of you guys…</p>