Intel SES 2008...

<p>Anyone know anyone that got in or was in the top 40?</p>

<p>I never heard of it until this one kid in my school got into the Top 40. He won 5th place and goes to my school, pretty sweet. Was saying stories of all the crazy geniuses there.</p>

<p>I actually know the person who won, she was actually supposed to be the senior tri-speaker of the Youth Legislative Assembly (where I was a delegate) the weekend she was in Washington DC, she read us a speech over cell phone and her dad accepted the like 4 awards YLA gave her during awards night. </p>

<p>Me: @_@</p>

<p>(BTW: genii)</p>

<p>The kid was saying she did something which would find out cancerous cells at earlier stages than what we currently know. Crazy...</p>