Intellectual or true

I have a question for college application essays…Do they want me to be fairly truthful, or do they want to hear something that makes me sound intelligent? Now I’ve heard that they want it to be fairly casual, but do they want it to be serious or somewhat lighthearted. For example, an essay on the UMD app says, “if you could do anything at all without failing, what would it be and why?”. I was thinking about saying that I’d like to be a pro athlete, but I’m wondering if they want to hear something like “cure cancer” or “eradicate poverty and hunger”. Any thoughts from people who have been through this and can help would be greatly appreciated!

<p>don't write your app based on what people WANT to hear. be honest</p>

<p>Yeah, I figure based on my stats and where I'm applying, the essays won't be make or break. But I don't want an admission officer to give the essay a funny look and say "he could do anything and <em>this</em> is what he chooses?"</p>

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