Intensity and quality of CMU MT dance

I’m having a hard time finding anything about CMU’s dance for MT. I’ve looked at the current curriculum and I’d love to hear and parents, current students, or past students info and opinions on it this portion of the MT program.
Is it rigorous or advanced compared to other top schools? Are there dance classes you can take outside of ballet, tap, and jazz, but are still CMU classes? And would Carnegie be a good choice for a student who is a weak dancer that wants to become a strong/stronger dancer?

My S took a Master Class/Mock Auditions there last summer. I would not categorize them as a dance heavy/first school. They no longer require dance as part of the audition process. As it was explained to my son last year. " If we can’t teach you to dance in 4 years then we have a major problem."

At last years audition they said, “we found ourselves accepting kids who had low dance scores anyway so we just found it best to eliminate dance in our adjudicating altogether- not waste your time with it if we weren’t considering it ultimately”.