Interaction with other Baltimore schools

<p>How frequently do JHU students interact with students of other schools in Baltimore. In particular, how often do they attend the same parties or date, etc.? How are JHU students perceived by students at other schools in Baltimore?</p>

<p>Hmm..Well..haha this is interesting. :) I'm from Baltimore, have been here my whole life. I'd say that there is a great deal of interaction between Hopkins students and Towson Students...univ of md, school of medicine/nursing students normally don't mesh well, because umd students tend to feel hopkins kids are snobby and elitest (i think because a lot of them applied got rejected and are bitter, hehe) it's hard to say really..most students party and go to the clubs at powerplant's very yuppieish and everything..baltimore is very diverse..there's something/someone for everyone...</p>

<p>Thanks for your comments Nikki422. Can anyone else with knowldge comment?</p>