Intercampus Transfering

<p>Do I need to finish ALL of the breadth requirements for my major and ALL of the lower division classes of the major I want to transfer into? I'm currently a bio major attempting to transfer into a bio major at UCLA</p>

<p>I think you have to take the classes required by UCLA. You should be able to find all that info online.</p>

<p>If UCLA says you can only transfer if you take the required classes X, Y, and Z.. then those are the ones you should take.</p>

<p>there isnt much info for intercampus transferring.. only cc to uc transfering</p>

<p>Definitely talk to your advisor then lol</p>

<p>You have to complete all the breadth requirements at your UC before applying to transfer. Even though UCLA's breadth requirements are different, once you complete all the breadth requirements at UC Riverside, UCLA will not require you to complete their breadth requirements.</p>