Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Major vs. English?

Hi - my D is considering a major in either interdisciplinary liberal arts or English. She’s a college soph considering law school down the line.

Like other parent-posters on this thread, I’m encouraging her to consider majors (in her general areas of interest) that might open up the most job opportunities after undergraduate (whether or not she goes to law school). I know there is no requirement of any particular undergrad major for law school.

She’s not particularly a fan of math or sciences. I’ve encouraged her to explore entrepreneurship and tech-related classes (has not done so as yet). Based on her prior classes, she could pretty easily obtain an English major degree or interdisciplinary liberal arts. Not sure if one would be more marketable or looked upon more/less favorably by employers?

Thanks for any thoughts!

If she is considering law school, I would recommend English. It all does depend on what she wants to do : ) However, English is more specific and she will succeed if that is what she likes to do- it also may be looked at well if she applies for a job like teaching, editing, reporting, etc. I say she should just think about what she wants to do and consider the major then.

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Thanks for the thoughts, jaclmbia! Definitely thinking to the ‘after school work-world’ realm!

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It never hurts to talk to a counselor or find someone in the fields she is considering to hear their thoughts! Hope all goes well : )

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