Interdisciplinary Social Sciences vs. Interdisciplinary Classical Civilizations.

I’m currently working towards an A.A. in Anthropology and I am struggling to pick a major for when I transfer. The original plan was to major in ISS (Interdisciplinary Social Sciences) with the eventual goal of getting a Master’s in Library and Information science. But now I’m not sure on the eventual career goal which makes any decision exceedingly difficult. I’ve been considering museum work rather than that of a librarian.

I’m trying to be practical in my major choice(s) but it’s very important to me to pick one I’ll enjoy.
Right now the current choices are:

-Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (Must pick two concentrations within):
–Library and Information Science
–Religious Studies
–American Studies


Interdisciplinary Classical Civilizations (which has a thesis requirement).

All of the ISS concentrations are also available as majors, with the except of Library Science.

I’m tempted to major in both, but that would require two more semester’s worth of coursework, and money that I don’t have.