Interest in Hope College

<p>My DD is really interested in Hope and we're trying to schedule a visit. Does anyone have experience with the school? Quality of student life? Quality of education? She's interested in majoring in teaching and Hope seems to be good.</p>

<p>My DD is a rising junior at Hope. She absolutely LOVES it there. Very friendly campus, welcoming staff and great professors. No pressure to participate in religious activities but they are certainly available if your daughter is interested. Facilities are nice. Dorms could use a little updating but are on par with other colleges we visited. Campus is one block off of one of the best Main Streets in the Midwest. Feel free to msg me if you have any specific questions.</p>

<p>My D graduated from Hope in 2011. Plenty of opportunities. Excellent instruction. She enjoyed her time there and was well prepared after leaving school. She was born and raised in CA and we have no connection to the Midwest. It was a supportive environment and we were very comfortable with her in Holland (a great little town).</p>

<p>I am a current freshman at Hope, and I came in wanting to do nursing, and now am interested in business. I am planning on transferring this coming fall, because I feel this school will not get me where I need to be. Although Hope is a good school, it really is not a great environment for ‘lukewarm christians’ or those who were not raised by the bible. </p>

<p>That being said, Hope does have a great education program, nice facilities and is a great community. I would definitely recommend that your daughter do an overnight stay at Hope. </p>

<p>Also- tell her that the food is not top notch. It really is gross. </p>

<p>Hi. I am a Hope graduate from the “Dark Ages” – let’s just say it’s been more than a decade. :slight_smile: I loved Hope, even though I’m not Dutch Reformed (I’m Jewish, actually). I didn’t find that one needed to be Christian to be socially acceptable, but one did need to be accepting of Christian mores and norms to be socially successful. The education I received was top notch, and I graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Magna cum Laude, and went on to get my doctorate from a prestigious program just before my 24th birthday.</p>

<p>Holland has grown a lot, but it is still a great town. It’s still a relatively safe community - gorgeous in fall and spring. The winter is long and gray, and gray and long! There is virtually no sunshine from November until April. That said, the student life at Hope kept me, a SADD sufferer (seasonally affected depressive disorder), from crashing every winter. There is plenty to do, and plenty of great people with whom to do the many activities available. I was (almost) never bored… except during the occasional class! :wink: I’d definitely recommend Hope to a student looking for a small school with rigorous academics, whether or not the student was a committed Christian. It is a great learning environment, as long as one is aware of its insularity.</p>