Interest Letter?

<p>My friend is in the waitlist and wants to know if theres anyway she could give a statement to BU to show his interest/ willingness to pay or whatever that could help her chances at getting off the waitlist.</p>

<p>yes! a letter of interest does help. i noticed that i was accepted off the waitlist about a week or so sooner than another peer because i had done so. don't do it too often though because it might just annoy admissions. i'd say every week and a half to 2 weeks is sufficient. dont mention anything about willingness to pay because you may not get any financial aid later.</p>

<p>thanks, she didnt even apply for financial aid, where shuold she send the letter?</p>

<p>i sent mine to admissions. mine was faxed in case you wanted to know. also, even if she didnt apply for financial aid this year, she can in future years so just still keep that on the hush hush. hope that helps :]</p>