Interested in Chinese and Environmental Science...

Looking to double major in Chinese and Environmental Science. I need to find more colleges to apply to… I’m applying to these… Bates College, Williams College, UCLA, Holy Cross, Middlebury, URI, San Fran State U, Wake Forest, and University of Washington. Just looking for people to throw out some ideas for other potential colleges. I am from Massachusetts.

  • 3.9 Avg GPA weighted (6 APs)
  • 1320 SAT (taking it one more time, trying to get 1400)

Bard College

If you’re looking to double major in Chinese and environmental science, there is literally no better option than Middlebury. They’re one of the very best in languages and they’re one of the very best in environmental studies. They had the first environmental studies major in the country. Honestly can’t imagine there’s a single school in the country better situated for that double major.

Lawrence, Hamilton and Williams founded Associated Colleges in China and would represent some of the country’s stronger options for the study of Chinese:

This source will help you sort your potential choices by their SAT score ranges:

Is net cost not an issue? For UCLA, the out of state sticker price is over $50K/year; you’ll probably get little financial aid even if your family income is quite low.

Ursinus College in PA has East Asian Studies and Environmental Studies majors. It is a lovely LAC in a nice suburban area outside of Philadelphia and is one of the Colleges That Change Lives CTCL schools. They have started a new Gateway scholarship program which guarantees $30K per year for minimum 28 ACT/1260SAT (CR + M) and meeting certain minimum college prep high school curriculum requirements, info here:

A friend’s D attended Ursinus as an Environmental Studies major and loved it. She had several internships while there and had a job lined up shortly after graduation.

No separate scholarship application is required and the RD deadline is Feb 1.