Interested In Combined B.a.-b.s./m.d. Programs

<p>I am a New York City high school sophmore (more specifically, in Brooklyn). I would love to attend one of these 6/7 year combined programs. I need a little insight on what to do as far as staying competetive. I am taking APs in science and most other subjects to keep my courses rigourous. What would be ideal grades (100% scale) for these programs (any of them- top or not)? Also, my main concern is how I spend my summer. I already am beginning to volunteer in a local hospital, as well as a nursing home (program. I have been researching a lot, however, I cannot find personal experiences or reviews on summer research or pre-college programs. First off, my parents don't want to spend ridiculous amounts of money (i.e. $6000) for a summer program. They will, however, spend about $1000 for a good research program. I am definately looking at programs that are free of charge, however, as a Caucasian male, I cannot apply to these NYC programs geared toward economically dissadvanteged and Minority students. I would be willing to travel to Boston, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, etc (close to NY). I am very interested in Research Scholar Program for High School Students at Syracuse and also mainly in Science Research Training Program (SRTP) in Manhattan, I believe. Anyone know anything about these programs? OR Does anyone know anything that would be a great opportunity for me to spend my summer productively? I really appreciate your help! Thanks</p>

<p>I think the Syracuse program I listed is sponsored by the NSF, which someone told me is very reputable and I should only look into NSF programs. They said that NSF programs are free, Syracuse is $700, but that is not bad at all. PLEASE anyone?</p>

<p>Killaerone, </p>

<p>Let me tell you first of all that I am impressed by the fact that you have started thinking about your college applications process at such an early stage but at the same time I would advice you to not be too much bogged down by that.
Let me tell you that on average the high school gpa of the students that are awarded this scholarship is 3.9/4.0 ( unweighted). Also the average SAT I ranges from 1450-1550 depending on the program you are applying for. For your summers I have an interesting option that might be worth mentioning- you should take the Emergency Medical Technician Course from a local college. The reason is- firstly you will be able to better decide if you want to be a doctor or which medical field you want to join, secondly it would involve a lot of hospital rotations and ambulance rideouts and more importantly patient contact, thirdly you would be asked to perform patient assesments and performing emergency care in even critical cases after which you would feel proud of your actions. Last but not the least Since past 2 years, 3 students have taken this course from my school district and all of them got accepted for the HPME, RICE, Casewetern etc therefore the colleges would appreciate the fact that you know about medicine comparatively more than other students.</p>

<p>I have my resume posted on the website- <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>and would recommend that you see it and resumes by others for getting a good idea. Let me just tell you briefly about myself. I am an international student (Indian) and arrived in the US after completing my 9th and 10th grade. Therefore my verbal SAT score wasn' that high but English being my Second language, I think I am well off. I am invloved in many clubs in/out of school, hospital volunteer work, shadowing doctors, Emergency medical technician course, CPR certified , only distinguished scholar in Science and Mathematics in my high school. But most importantly I have achieved all these and many other State/national awards in just one year for which I am relly proud of.</p>

<p>Good luck with your college application process! If you have any questions you may send a private message to me since I check those more than the forums.</p>


<p>ALSO how about some research work for scholarships like Siemens and Intel!
Good luck</p>


<p>you might want to check out this program:</p>

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<p>I did it, and it's gaining more attention as its students have had a really excellent track record in science competitions.</p>