Interested in German/Germany and general Germanic-speaking countries, but not sure what career I'd pursue

I just posted about my general dilemma with college/career (I got two years-worth college credits since graduating high school six years ago), but I figured I’d ask here specifically about what I could do with a (double-?)major in German (and IT/MIS?). I know that foreign language majors are often said to be ‘useless’ degrees, since people usually say that STEM’s your best bet if you don’t want to become a doctor or a lawyer (though nowadays, especially with pandemics, anything can change), but I wonder if there’s a way to ‘do’ this foreign language thing, especially with German since it’s the most-spoken native language in the EU and the ‘language of money’, so to speak (though I do personally enjoy learning it, have recent ancestry and have been there), without just becoming another statistic in the group of broke degree-holders flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

Assuming you got a 3.7+ GPA and/or good rigor, look into the International Business&management major at Dickinson, Global Commerce at Denison. Tufts has a very strong Engineering with German major/minor as does Georgia Tech.

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