Interested in good iberal arts schools that cover full need

<p>I'm a senior in a large Competitive Texas school. School has a science academy that draws from surrounding schools. I have a weak unweighted GPA of 3.28 and weighed of 4.16 on a 5+ Scale I've taken challenging courses and had personal issues junior year that brought my GPA down
-class rank 24 percentile 155/640
-I Took 11 AP classes
- 2110 SAT(760 cr, 690 math, 660 writing) only took it once
- over the last summer as an intern for a fuel company. 40 hours a week
- now starting a peer tutor job at my school that will be a couple hours after school on certain days. Set up though the district
Clubs and Volunteering
- member of HOSA for three years but little involvement until this year( part of medical reserve corps this year)
- member of TSA(possible officer role)
- volunteer as life skills aid during my seventh period for around 50 minutes every school day.
- officer position in best buddies
- member of mu alpha theta senior year
- I've fostered dogs with my family and volunteered at adoptions all throughout high school. Nearly always have one or more foster we are finding a home for. Does this count as anything?
Anyway I have a strong interest in pursuing biology. I excel in science and want to go in a pre med direction. I know my GPA and ECs are pretty lame. Also I'm low income and was under the impression I could get good need based aid at liberal arts schools. Chances for
Also UT chances for instate and I'm up for any suggestions of good matches with my stats. I'm open to out of state public schools but didn't think I could get the aid at all but a few(would love UNC so I'm considering but I know how competitive admission is. Also I was planning to apply to Washington St. Louis but would it even be worth it with my stats? Sorry this was long ill chance anyone back</p>

<p>@Jmbakh For a socially liberal LAC (for the south) with an excellent biology program, I would consider Hendrix. Off the top of my head, also check out Rhodes, Centre, Kalamazoo, Lawrence. </p>

<p>FWIW, you can get into med school from any college… it’s all about GPA and MCAT scores. </p>

<p>You should put Clark on your list in Massachusetts.</p>

<p>Colleges that meet 100% need are all excellent.
This website is for first-gen students applying to college, and they list all the colleges that meet 100% need:
<a href=“”></a>
Then you can add all the LACs where you’d be in the top 25% for stats or that are known to favor first-gen or lower-middle class/Working class kids.</p>