Interested in International Relations/Business

<p>@Redroses: I guess the question is-what is mainly taking away from my whole application? It seems like the most prominent aspect of your responses have been my...unsatisfactory SAT scores, which I plan to retake.</p>

<p>@M's Mom: Thank you for the suggestions, but I am also looking for a financially viable university---ideally one that can cover nearly all of my tuition and board [on need and merit].</p>

<p>@Georgia Girl: Oh, I know USC is probably not a safety, nor would I consider it one with my stats. I'm still interested in it for its resources and financial aid policy alongside its interesting International Relations (Business) program.</p>

<p>@JohnAdams12: Thank you for that list! I've never heard of that one before...honestly. What put me off about Georgetown is its extreme school pride [to the point of being snobby] and its require theology class requirement.</p>

<p>Here's what I see:</p>

<p>Asian from CA: top colleges have a ton of choice among high stats kids in this pool and each will only take so many. Top rank/scores is a given to have a shot. Then you must stand out with exceptional ECs.</p>

<p>@ Redroses: Thank you for your down-to-Earth responses. They have not been the sweetest words, but I am sure that it's what I need to push me. It was not easy on the ears, but I appreciate your critique.</p>

<p>What would you consider as an example of an exceptional EC? I've heard of things that are "unique, rooted in a passion, or of national regard."</p>