Interested in investment banking career? Where to start? (HS Soph.)

Hello. I’m currently in high school weighing careers around. I came across investment banking and I see that it pays well and requires long hours – two things that attract me greatly, as I’m willing to work hard. I saw the different approaches like Math, Business, etc. as something on the side to study. I’ve always liked math, and I can confidently say that this career interests me. How can I learn more about it? I want to become 100% confident that it’s what I want to do. It seems very enticing, but a lot to manage. If I’m going into this I need more information, etc. I’ve taken a couple aptitude tests and Economics has popped up here and there. I don’t have any Economics or Finance classes at my school (I think we have Accounting and Business), so I don’t have much to go off of. Really, I’m just looking for guidance. Is this a good field to go into at this current time? How hard will it be to find a job? Does the school I go to matter that much? (I know Harvard/Ivies is a requirement for some of the big boys, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to go there regardless.) What should I major/minor in? What’s the best way to learn more about, become invested in, and determine if I truly belong in investment banking?

For reference, I plan to take around 8 APs in my HS career. The reason for this is my high school doesn’t push anyone and I am only realizing that I can be doing more with my life now, which is unfortunate to say. My GPA is 4.3-4.4 (W) and my class rank is 9 (but steadily rising every single quarter). I’m willing to do whatever it takes to explore careers and, once I find the right one, dive in like all hell and am willing to throw my social life away to get what I want at an early age. I really think investment banking is a very tangible career for me. I just need help exploring it and learning more about it. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

The best thing you can do during high school is to make sure you get a really high GPA and SAT scores.
Generally speaking, to get an IB type job you need to graduate from a target school. Google Wall Street target schools and you will come up with a list of schools. Depending on the school, Econ, Finance and Math seem to be good majors.
Best of luck

Thank you very much fleishmo6. This is a great first step in my discovery of investment banking.

I’m all ears for anyone that wants to add anything!

Attend a target school and do very well. It is very selective,

The target schools are the Ivies, MIT, Stanford and some othets. And even coming from these elite schools, your GPA needs to be high. At least 3.5 or higher.

Maybe you will get an interview. Maybe you will get an internship. Maybe you will be offered a job. Maybe you can keep it.

This has been D1’ s experience. A lot of people were lost at each step.

It is not a stress free easy job once you get it. Please understand that these folks earn a lot but have a great deal of expectations.

If you want to know a lot about investment banking, I recommend you get the book “Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers and Acquisitions”

Your first priority should be attending and affording a target school for undergrad.

Also, it is WAY too early to commit to an IB career at this point in your life.

Yep like everyone else has already said, first and foremost, make sure you’re able to get into a target school. Your chances of being accepted into investment banking will be night and day.

Once you get into college, keeping your GPA up is the next most important thing.

And then it’s about having the relevant internship experience.

I’m a former investment banker, feel free to message me if you have more questions.

“requires long hours – two things that attract me greatly, as I’m willing to work hard”

You know it is really, really long hours with a lot of burnout, right?

There is tons you can glean off the internet.

Ask this question on the message board of Wall Street Oasis.

If you’re seriously interested in IB you should start cold emailing and networking as soon as possible, if you’re lucky you may land an internship while you are still in high school. While it may be unlikely it is definitely possible!

Good luck!