Interested in Journalism

<p>Second s is in 10th grade, and starting to think in a general way about college and what he might study/be interested in. Journalism is always been high interest. My question: is it necessary to have a major in journalism? go to a school that has a specific department? or would english/history be equally as good undergrad? would graduate journalism program be an alternative?</p>

<p>My questions come because as we looked in the areas he is interested in, with the additonal types of courses he would like, I am coming up with very few choices, and want to have a more flexible list, that could still get him where he may end up wanting to go...</p>

<p>Thanks for any feedback.</p>

<p>It's not necesary, but my understanding of the field is that if you don't go to a top undergraduate journalism program (Mizzou, Newhouse, Medill, etc.) then it is an absolute must to go to grad school. And honestly, that list of three right there is a fairly flexible list.</p>

<p>Also look at Ohio University. They have a very strong journalism program as well.</p>

<p>Mizzou, Northwestern (Medill), and Syracuse (Newhouse) are the top of the top. </p>

<p>Ohio U and UNC Chapel Hill are also good names.</p>

<p>Also maybe Ithaca College. American U if he's interested in political journalism. </p>

<p>As for the major/minor dilemma, I'll tell you this: journalistic writing is completely different from regular writing. Breaking into the business is competitive, so you need to have journalistic style down perfectly before you try to get jobs or internships. I'd recommend doing at least a minor or double-major in journalism. A big name journalism school is all the better.</p>

<p>oh my god, it is not remotely necessary to go to grad school or undergrad journalism at all if you don't want to. the vast majority of journalists never studied journalism in school.</p>