Interested in the PharmD/MBA program but don't know if GPA will do....should I transfer?

<p>So here's my story:
I wasn't sure what to major in college so when I came to Georgia Institute of Technology, I decided to choose one of the hardest majors out there, Biomedical Engineering. My freshman year went fine, and I made decent grades (A's and B's). However, starting the summer before my sophomore year, I took too many classes and did research and as a result my GPA went down. As a result of this, I completely lost my confidence. My gpa has been going down ever since (my first semester Fall 2014 I made a 4.0; now my GPA is a 3.05). I was supposed to graduate this year, but as a result of changing my major at the end of my junior year to BIochemistry, I still have a year and a half left. My GPA now stands at a 3.05 and I have a considerable amount of classes left to take for my major. I've made 8 C's so far and am on the verge of possibly making a D. Right now I am thinking of attending Mercer University for their PharmD/MBA program for the class of 2016 (I'd graduate in 2020). Do you think I ought to transfer to a different school, say such as Kennesaw State, raise my GPA, and then apply to Pharmacy school? Or should I keep going with the GPA I have, and graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology? My dream has always been to attend and get a degree from Georgia Tech, but since it seems like no matter how hard I try I am always at the lower end of the bell curve. I think the atmosphere has gotten to me here, and there are often times when I think I will never achieve or do well in life. Please give me some suggestions. Also as far as pharmacy goes, how well do you have to be at chemistry and organic chemistry? What are my chances of getting into pharmacy school? Should I even try? And also, how hard is the PCAT? As far as experience goes, I have a tremendous amount of experience with scientific research--I've working in two labs for almost three years, won a research stipend of $1500 one semester, and won an award for being 1st place for a research poster competition. I also have experience with writing, as I have worked with two different college publications. I haven't taken the PCAT yet, but I am planning on taking it during the summer of 2015. </p>

<p>fall 2014, hasnt started yet? how did you know what is going to happen before its going to happen. i think i identified your problem here. you enrolled in a college because it was “prestigous”, and you chose one of the hardest majors based on the fact that it was a hard major. Did you have an interest in going to the school, and is biochemistry/biomedical engineering truly what you want to study. the research and lab experience will defintely help you find jobs later. do you want to become a pharmacist. you will need the 4 year degree, in addition 2 more years of pharm school. Since you havnt taken chemistry, yet, its going to be a long road, depending on how many chemistry you have to take. you will need to have a reasonable understanding of organic chemistry/ inorganic chemistry, considering drugs are basically chemicals and they need to be dispensed properly, and in certain amounts. The other issue on your part is more of a personal issue, you need to evaluate what your goals is in your in academic career. Did you switch majors because it was too hard, or its not what you imagined to be?
Did you take courses required for your new major? and are the courses transferrable to a State Univ?
i cant say much because it might be too condescending to you.
“My dream has always been to attend and get a degree from Georgia Tech”
if this was your ultimate goal, then its going to hurt you in the long run, because a dream is just an expectation, after you get a degree, what are you going to do with it? you found that out 2-3 years later you may never reach that goal</p>

<p>You should speak with an advisor at your college specific to your major, and a transfer one at the least.</p>

<p>Thanks. I appreciate it.</p>

<p>And as far as changing majors, I switched majors because I like Chemistry much more than Engineering. I took an Honors Chemistry course in high school and really enjoyed the subject. And in terms of going into Pharmacy, I really like the job. </p>

<p>Transfer to an easier major, like biology or a liberal art and inflate your GPA. you dont need to change schools to do that.</p>